Murder indictment handed down

Bowen noted that three of the four murders that have occurred in the past two years in the public housing complex have involved narcotics transactions. He added that more often than not, those committing the crimes are not from here, but rather are from outside the city or county. "None of them resided there, not even the victim, but this is what ends up happening."

"This one is from Nashville. He’s a known gang member," the chief said, adding that investigators do not believe the incident was gang-related.

"We have not had any dealings with him the past," but Davis has been in trouble with the law previously, Bowen said.

Most often, such crimes in the housing projects are "domestic-related, drug-related or gang-related." There are a group of police officers who work in the projects all the time, yet the incidents occur.

"It’s sad," Bowen said, noting the loss of life and two individuals charged. Families, he added, are affected by such crimes.

"We see it repeated. It’s a tough situation all around."

Det. Scott Massey was the lead investigator in the incident. He presented evidence to the grand jury on Monday which later handed down the indictments.