Neighbors help in pot bust


Charges are pending against residents of a home in Lebanon after the Violent Crimes and Narcotics Task Force discovered a small amount of marijuana, some marijuana plants and pistols inside the house Thursday morning.

Det. Ray Ferguson of the Lebanon Police Department said the Task Force responded to a number of phone calls received from citizens regarding the residence at 726 Page Ave., Lebanon.

Callers, he said, had complained of a lot of traffic coming and going at the home and said it was a nuisance. The home is occupied by a mother and son.

Officers went to the home about 11:30 a.m., Thursday and did a “knock and talk” and the residents consented to allow them to enter the home where they found the drugs and weapons.

Ferguson said the amount of marijuana found was small and there were “a couple of plants.”

Although there was only a small amount of drugs present, he said, members of the Task Force wanted to respond to calls from area citizens.

In addition to Ferguson, other members of the Task Force which includes officers of the LPD and the Wilson County Sheriff’s Department are Det. Kenneth Powers, LPD; Det. Jay Spicer, WCSD; and Det. Jeremy Reich, WCSD.

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