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New YearNew YouWho says?

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A heated mattress pad? Ive never seen one of those. Where did she get it? Does she leave it on all night? Wow, a heated mattress seriously I can only imagine how warm and toasty that is.

About three minutes into this conversation, all the other party goers had moved on to more festive discussions but I wasnt ready to let this go.

So, I pulled out my phone and started Googling it.

Found it!!

On Amazon. Dual temperature settings. Automatic cut off. Quilted. 250 Thread Count.

As I scanned the 79 reviews, my husband found me sitting in a corner, glued to my phone.

What are you looking at? Heated mattress pads? What is wrong with you? Its New Years Eve, put your phone down and come be with everyone!

I looked around the room.

Although I was amongst friends, in my heart of hearts, I really wanted to be in bed (it was 10:15 for goodness sake!), reading a book, laying on a heated mattress pad!!

And yet I had spent most of New Years Eve day watching television shows all about it being a New Year and a New You! And, I had promised myself, I would do just that in 2012.

I was going to join Becky at the gym. I was going to wear less black. I was going to be much more fun!

Yet, here I was on New Years Eve, scanning reviews of heated mattress pads.

And just as I was about to put away my phone and put on my New Years Eve tiara, I recalled another show I had watched that morning. A woman had decided to SAY YES to everything that came her way in 2011.

She had done just that and had changed her life.

So, I hit purchase and said YES to a Sunbeam Heated Mattress pad!

2012 is going to be the best year yet!

I will just have to wear more black to compensate for my not joining a gym

by Angel Kane

Wilson Living Magazine

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