No fights, things civil at council work session

By SAM HATCHER           I attended the Lebanon City Council work session Wednesday night for almost an hour before I had to leave.

I guess I went there for the same reason many go to a hockey game. You know the saying . . . “I went to a fight last night and a hockey game broke out.”

But it didn’t happen.

There were no fights and generally speaking all present were civil. While there was no resolve with respect to adopting a new budget, questions were asked and answered and by all appearances honest efforts were being made to try and reach a valid conclusion.

This was good and it represented a significant change from recent past council meetings.

Here’s a hint guys from many who look from the outside in.

The talk on the street is that most don’t particularly like all the political infighting. They don’t like those they’ve elected to office walking out of meetings when they’re paid to be there. They don’t like petty political prejudices getting in the way of the process of adopting a new budget or for that matter conducting business for the City of Lebanon. And many believe our community has been injured severely by such behavior.

It’s fine to disagree. Those who elected you to office expect as much but they also expect you to do so professionally and with a high degree of civility.

Grandstanding just won’t get the job done.

It’s a matter of not showing yourself as a horse’s rear end but rather as a person deserving of the office you hold.

You showed Wednesday night that there can be respect and progress made.

Let’s do it again next week just for the sake of the team and if not for the team for the City of Lebanon.