None injured in PFG ammonia leak

Things worked the way they were supposed to work. PFG followed all of its procedures, Jewell said.

Dowell noted the leak stemmed from a valve on the ceiling and said PFG personnel and WEMA units were able to close certain circuits to contain the leak and get it under control.

Jewell said the valve was located on a condenser to a refrigeration system where the leak began. About 200 pounds of ammonia gas leaked from the system, which Jewell pointed out wasnt necessarily large due to the size of the room.

It would have continued to build if we had not gotten things shut off properly, he said.

Ammonia is a corrosive gas that can burn airways and lungs if inhaled.

PFG personnel were allowed to return to the building around 6 a.m. after the leak was fixed and the clean-up process was completed.

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