Our Feathered Friends - Feb. 9

I’m sure that you will place out special Hummer feeders for them and having natural flowers for them will be a plus. Ruby-throats will soon start their migration north, following the blooming of nature’s feeding stations. Just like in the fall, they will repeat the cycle as they always have. 

I would just bet that many of you have a Facebook account and probably use it quite often. I am working on a special Facebook page for my bird friends. I will be listing the many different species of birds that you may find here in Wilson County.

If you would like to check it out just search for “Ray’s Our Feathered Friends” and it should take you right to it. I had to add the “Ray’s” part because there was more than one on Facebook. Please leave me feedback and suggestions of what you would like to see there.

The News Channel 5 weathermen are starting to use that dreaded four letter word again, SNOW. Monday and again on Wednesday, we should see snow. Put on some warm clothes and try to clear out a small space under the bird feeders so you can scatter a little food for our ground feeders. Maybe, I’ll see some of the Dark-eyed Junco back in my yard this time.

I have one suet feeder hanging from the gutter that sees a lot of traffic, especially from the Downey and Red-bellied Woodpeckers. My Mockingbird is another regular at the suet feeder. I won’t mention the dad-blame starlings. They don’t eat like a normal bird, but gorge themselves like it’s their last meal. I wish! I have sore knuckles from beating on the window sill to make them leave. I am not alone in this knuckle-banging ritual.

It is time once again to clean out your Purple Martin houses, hoping to attract some of the Martin scouts that will be headed this way in March. Like the old saying goes, “never put off till tomorrow things that need doing today.” That is very true when it comes to birds and their housing situation. I need my table saw over here at my home so I can do some things, that right now I can only think about doing.

When I had time and room, it wasn’t unusual for me to make up to thirty Bluebird houses and set them up in locations where people invited me. It wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and place out your Bluebird houses so the birds can find the perfect location for raising their young and giving you some extra beauty to watch around the yard.

I would love to hear from you as to what’s lurking about in your neighborhood and at your feeders. You can write me at 606 Fairview Ave., Lebanon, TN, 37087, or call me at 547-7371 or e-mail me at ourfeatheredfriends@yahoo.com