PAC formed to push for new Lebanon High

By CONNIE ESHThe Wilson Post

A political action committee has been formed to provide information about the upcoming referendum for an additional $25 wheel tax to build a new Lebanon High School by a group of citizens who said they are concerned about education in Wilson County.

The PAC, called One County One Future, has established a website to answer questions voters may have about the new school and the tax.

The site said One County One Future is, “a group of people who believe that the Lebanon High School building should be replaced, but more importantly, (they) believe in funding education and giving the students of the Wilson County School system every opportunity to succeed.”

People who want to help spread the word are encouraged to donate money for ads in local newspapers and other marketing opportunities, said District 2 Wilson County Commissioner Chris Sorey, who is a member of the PAC.

He suggested those who can't donate money can talk to friends and neighbors about the referendum and tell them about the web site.

But he said the most important thing to do is to register and vote when the referendum election is held.

To register to vote a citizen can go to the Wilson County Election Commission office at 203 East Main Street, a block east of the Square in Lebanon, or pick up a registration card at any public library.

One of the questions answered on the site is what could happen if the referendum does not pass.

Sorey said several things are possible.

“The county commission could pass a tax increase to provide funding on their own, but that is highly unlikely,” he said. “A more likely scenario is that a new LHS building will be years down the road when funding becomes available, and other building projects will be put off as well until the LHS is completed. This could cause a ripple effect in that we may have more portable classrooms show up on school campuses across the county instead of brick and mortar additions.”

District 25 Commissioner Randy Hall said he thinks a wheel tax is seen as the fairest tax, because anyone licensing a vehicle would have to pay, not just property owners as with a real estate tax. And he added a sales tax tends to fall heaviest on low income people.

The group can be contacted by mail at; "One County One Future" c/o Java Joe’s, 1029 West Main Street. Suite K, Lebanon TN, 37087, or by e-mail at

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