Parents sue Wilson County Schools

Group claims Lakeview trying to ban God 

By CONNIE ESHThe Wilson Post

A group of parents are suing Wilson County Schools claiming the schools are trying to take God out of the school.

The parents of one child sued the school system in 2006 for promoting religion when a group called Praying Parents was allowed to meet at the school.

In that case, U.S. District Judge Robert L. Echols ruled in 2007 the school, Lakeview Elementary, had given preferred treatment to the group, and ordered the board to pay $171,000, for the family’s legal fees.

Now some of the Praying Parents are suing the system for banning religious references on posters for a student-led event, according to County Attorney Mike Jennings.

The four Lakeview Elementary families are being represented by the Alliance Defense Fund in a claim that the school board censored their children’s posters.

Jennings said in an interview Thursday that school system was blindsided on the issue.

“We were surprised. No one had called the board, there had been no complaints,” Jennings said.

He also pointed out that the information was released to Nashville media before the school system was informed of the lawsuit.

The latest dispute involves poster for a “See You At the Pole” event in September 2008 at Lakeview Elementary.

The poster included a statement that the event, which involves gathering at the school flag pole to pray, was student-led and not endorsed by the school.

The lawsuit says that before the posters were approved by the school for posting, all religious language had to be covered.

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