Pipe bomb maker sought

The department’s EOD team examined the bomb with X-rays and discovered the fuse had been broken when the bomb-maker threw the device. Ashe indicated the bomb was properly constructed, but the broken fuse prevented it from detonating.

The pipe bomb was filled with red dot powder, which Ashe said is similar to regular black powder but has red dots mixed in with the powder. The powder is highly ignitable, and Ashe noted it could have been stolen.

“I think you have to sign for it or it was a theft of some kind,” Ashe said.

After examining the device, the Sheriff’s Department secured and successfully disarmed the bomb. The department’s investigation is still under way, and Ashe said they’ve prepared the bomb’s components to be sent to the FBI for further analysis.

“This really disturbs me. This device was equal to about two sticks of dynamite,” he said.

The bomb was not meant as an attack on the property owner, who Ashe said is being kept anonymous at this point in time. He felt the bomb was simply being tested in a rural area and is looking for help from residents in the area.

Ashe said he urges anyone with information regarding this investigation to call the Sheriff’s Department at 444-1412 as soon as possible.

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