Playground work closes Oct. 9 with volunteer push

“Thursday and Friday we had a good turnout of volunteers,” Lee said on Tuesday. He added, “Painting is the only major thing left.”

City of Lebanon employees were out painting and finishing work on some of the climbing apparatus on Tuesday. Lee said they were hoping to have a large number of volunteers on Saturday to keep the city from having to do too much.

“We have pretty much spent the $30,000 that we allocated,” Lee said. He hoped they could finish on budget, or within $1,500 of their budget, considering they still have to purchase a supply of stain to finish covering the playground.

“Everyone 15 years ago who gave to this project, their donation was spent well down to the last penny,” Lee said.

On Tuesday, the park appeared in excellent condition, the red pyramid tops to the various towers stood out tremendously. Swings were replaced, new climbing obstacles were added, including an impressive climbing wall. Also, one notable feature was a new handicapped-accessible swing in the front corner of the playground.

“I think if we push real hard on Saturday, I think the park will be open next week for the kids,” Lee said, adding he would not open it before it was completely safe, but that decision is left up to the City of Lebanon.

Repairs are almost completely finished and any hazardous areas have been made safe during the five-day volunteer effort. Lee was to present a status report to the Lebanon City Council Tuesday night to let elected officials know what the volunteer effort had accomplished.

“It just shows you what $30,000 and 500 volunteers can accomplish in five days,” Lee said, walking around the playground and looking over every detail.

On Saturday, Lee is encouraging any and all volunteers to bring their own paint brush, rake and shovel to help with the final touches on the playground. The work will be done from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.

For more information, you may contact the Chamber of Commerce at 444-5503, but there is no requirement to sign-up before volunteering on Saturday.

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