Possum Town Outreach sends food to Sneedville

LEBANON -- Missionary Randy Hildebrand and his son Adam of Sneedville pulled the doors shut on a box truck filled with potatoes, beans and syrup, among nearly a dozen other items, to be delivered to Hancock County Thursday, Dec. 16

The food, donated to the people of Sneedville by Possum Town Outreach, was purchased at a discounted rate from Aldi in Lebanon and Store Manager Jamey Duke and is worth more than $5,400, according to Jerry McFarland of Possum Town.

In addition to this load, volunteers will haul over 13,000 pounds of pancake mix donated by Shenandoah Mills in Lebanon to the mountains of East Tennessee. “It’s heat or meat from around Christmas till about March,” McFarland said. “This is going to help feed a lot of people up there who would have gone hungry without it.”