Public Defender gets well-deserved honor

Physically a very large man, Mr. Donnell walks through the courthouses in the five counties comprising the 15th Judicial District like a gentle giant.

His job is not an easy one.

He oversees an office that is assigned to represent those who cannot financially afford to represent themselves in criminal cases.

Many times the clientele he and the attorneys in his office represent are not of the highest caliber. They are charged with crimes ranging from drug possession to murder. Some are guilty as charged and others are innocent.

But nonetheless Mr. Donnell insists that all are due their day in court.

That all are innocent until proven guilty.

And that all will be treated fairly and given the same class of defense regardless of their personal appearance, past record or current situation in life.

For some 23 years he has served as public defender.

And for this entire period he has been a credit to this office and to his profession.

Congratulations Comer Donnell on this well-deserved honor.