Public has responsibility in financial problems, too, writer says

To the Editor:

Not that I am overlooking the greed of certain executives of financial companies responsible for today’s universal financial woes, but the ordinary citizens must bear a large share of the blame as well.

People today are not taught even how to keep a balance checkbook, and their desire to have what they see in the stores or catalogs overpower their needs for essential things in their lives, and oftentimes payment is made by credit card, which they seem to think pay up time will never come.

It has to do with a lack of true religious training in the home and in the schools. O yes, those Ten Commandments seem not to be thought essential anymore! “Thou shalt not steal,” and “Thou shalt not covet,” will order good financial management for individuals, homes, communities, businesses, industry, the whole works to become sound again.

One thing that our new President-Elect should try to restore in American society is a moral foundation in every American, from youth through old age – the churches have failed us – most of them no longer teach anything useful, and that schools be required to teach a course in how to manage finances. Whatever happened to the subject called Home Ec (Home Economics)?

After all is said and done, self-discipline is the key to it all. If we as Americans can make a showing here, then all the financially broke world will be sure to follow.

Malcolm P. Nichols