Push / pull at Graves

Participants are welcome to enter either bench press or deadlift -- or both.Denise and I have competed at similar meets across the South and we thought it would be something special to bring a meet to Lebanon, Harley Timbs said.Harley holds bench press records in several states with lifts of over 800 pounds.He most recently competed in the Biggest Bench on the River meet held in New Rose, LA where he won with a lift of 749 pounds.Denise won her fourth consecutive competition in the female open pro division -- bench pressing 322 pounds.Weigh-ins will be held 10-11 a.m. with lifting to start promptly at 12 Noon.Awards will be presented for places 1, 2 and 3 in each weight class.Entry fee is $50 per division. For those wishing to have their lifts officially ranked, a $20 fee to the Cajun Hardcore Powerlifting Federation will be collected.Entry forms are available during business hours at Graves Fitness Center, Lebanon.For more information, call Harley Timbs at 615-319-4345 or Denise Timbs at 615-533-3190.