Reader asks how will scenes be depicted at the Bible Park?

To the Editor: I have been puzzling over this proposed Bible Park, not the financial end of it (though that, too, such as the projected number of visitors who might be persuaded to come into this city), but mostly about the types of scenes that would be presented. Has anyone seen a diagram of the park itself? What exactly would it entail? I can imagine two characters dressed in body suits, one male and one female, with strategically placed leaves over their body, cavorting through the park. Then there is the scene of Lot and his daughters...this is where the former porno photographer can show his abilities.There could be a small young man slingshooting stones at someone who is quite tall and wiling to drop to the ground on a regular schedule. On the backside there would be another scene of similar nature with a primarily unknown man, Elhanan, dropping Goliath with a sword. Take your pick.Also wandering through the park might be 20 young girls carrying lanterns. On 10 of those would be a placard saying, "I am a foolish virgin." Let those who don't know the Bible figure that one out.Maybe an artificial lake with a fishing boat bobbing nearby. A man dressed in flowing robes is seen walking across the water on an underground bridge. Heaven forbid he should have a mishap, stumble and fall off.One small man could sit in a sycamore tree all day. Another could be in a pit full of mire. The tree of knowledge would be manned (or womaned) by a fourth grade teacher specializing in the English language, especially the difference in nominative and objective pronouns which most of our nation seem to have forgotten. Rotten apples would be thrown at those who pass by and won't participate. Woe is they.Food stands could only carry fish and bread and maybe a few withered figs. A sign would be on each stand saying, "Certain fruits are forbidden here." Of course, there would be lots and lots of wine.If anyone needs any help, I would be glad to give my input, but where is the manna coming from to support this? Nancy EvinsLebanon 

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