Reader: Cure "gov't addiction" to other people's money

The actual unemployment rate in our country is currently over 20 percent. With all of the new taxes that we will be paying next year due to the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and our continuing economic downturn, this will place a hardship on all property owners and renters. It was be devastating for seniors and those living on fixed incomes.

At $2.50 Wilson County already has one of the highest property taxes in the state. For example, Williamson County has a tax rate of $2 and provides equal or better services for their citizens. At a tax rate of $2.72, can our citizens expect a better school system or superior county services than those living in Williamson County currently have? I doubt it.

Unfortunately all of us have had to make difficult economic decisions to adjust our loss of income. It is extremely unfortunate that our local governments cant realize this and make the same sacrifices that their citizens have had to make.

We can only hope that someday we will find a cure for this "government addiction" to other people's money. William Haupt IIIMt. Juliet