Reader salutes late WWII veteran Gurule

When Gen. Douglas McArthur left the Philippines, Freddies unit was left behind. After some time, his men ran out of food and medicine. Freddie sewed his dog tags into his shorts and dressed as a native. Accompanied only by a burro, he foraged and traded for medicine and rice.

On several occasions, he was stopped on bridges by the Japanese, but since he spoke Filipino and Spanish, he was always assumed to be Filipino. After harassment and beatings, he was always released and returned to his unit.

Freddie received the Purple Heart, Silver Star, Philippines Legion of Merit and numerous other awards and medals.

Upon returning from war, he married, settled in Lebanon and raised his prized Palomino. He made the last cattle drive for the Lebanon Stock Market in the late 1950s.

To my hero, I salute you, Chief Warrant Officer.

Haywood P. (Pete) Norman IVU.S. Army AviationLebanon