Reader: Unbiased third party should look at fluoridation issue

To the editor:

The water fluoridation issue varies depending on who you talk to. Studies show fluoride causes nervous and cardiovascular system disorders as well as bone fluorosis and various cancers. Others show fluoride is safe. Studies also vary as to how effective water fluoridation is in preventing tooth decay. The interesting thing is that the studies supporting water fluoridation were mostly conducted by people with a vested financial interest in fluoride being ruled safe.

I believe an unbiased, independent, not financially interested third party should conduct an investigation into fluoride. An unbiased conclusion finally needs to be reached. 

As someone diagnosed with lower back arthritis and osteoporosis at 37 years of age, I believe there may be something to the dangers. Consider these two things about fluoride: 1) the type placed in water supplies is an industrial waste product, and 2) it was used during The Manhattan Project to make uranium more unstable and potent. Many Manhattan Project workers died terrible deaths from exposure to fluoride. It makes me ask - should we really be ingesting this stuff in our drinking water? I don't think so, but Americans need to know for sure once and for all.

Johnny BlackMt. Juliet 

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