Remember this Sunday is special for our moms

By SAM HATCHER           Sunday is a special day for all of us.           Our mothers taught us to wipe our nose, say excuse me when we get up from the table, pray before each meal, and gave us tips and advice about life on a thousand other subjects.           Mothers are also the source of a number of life’s most valued truths. You know the ones that say, “no one will ever love you like your mother” or how about “you can always come home to your mother.”           Mothers are also unique because in their own very special way they are the strength of the American family.           They may not necessarily be the family bread winner, although today many are, but they are in most cases the glue that holds the family together.          They make the beds, clean the house, prepare the meals, get the kids up for school, put the kids in bed at night, let the dog out, let the dog in, and manage in between to be a loving spouse and mom.          So, on this Sunday take just a few moments and remember the always loving sweetheart in your life.

Thank goodness for moms.

I don’t know where any of us would be without them.