School Board awards bid for new WHS lab

By BEN DUDLEYThe Wilson Post

Wilson County School Board awarded a bid to Hardin & Barga Construction at Monday’s regular meeting for $182,868 to convert a Watertown High School classroom into a chemistry lab.

Several bids were considered with Hardin & Barga’s the lowest. The classroom is being completely renovated to be a laboratory for chemistry students. It is scheduled to be ready for use after fall break in October.

Also approved by the board was a one-time donation of $10,000 by Wilson Bank & Trust to Rutland Elementary School for new playground equipment. The total cost of the equipment is more than $25,000, the rest of which has already been raised by the PTO at Rutland.

The playground is set to be ready by the beginning of the school year. The 2009-2012 Teacher contract was also approved and ratified during the meeting.