School's out for the summer

Just being able to get up when you want to is a luxury for a growing boy. Maybe the dreams that are interrupted by being dragged out of bed for school have a bad psychological impact on the developing mind. Everyone knows it's no trouble getting up for things you enjoy which explains the early rising for Saturday cartoons.

The freedom of just doing what you want to do with no time pressure is a gift from heaven. Whether this involves tree climbing, or bike riding, or 1,000 other things out there begging you to indulge in them, there is no hesitation.

Even sunsets didn't stop the fun since there was kick-the-can and spotlight tag that could go on into the night. Since you didn't have to get up early the next morning there was no need for a curfew, though my parents didn't let things get out of hand. There were a few nights when we went frog hunting and would stay out until we were staggering drunk from sleep loss.

Sundays were the only days when you had to put on your shoes and dress up in something other than the casual dress. I wonder how many pairs of blue jean knees I went through because of playing games on the ground like marbles and cars.

There are some people, however, who like structure, organization and the neatness of a regimented life. I believe that most of these people are in the military.

Editors Note: George Robertson is a physician with Family Medical Associates, PC, in Lebanon.