Scott Benson named to fill Hutto's LSSD position

Because the current school year is underway, Roberts decided to fill the position from within the LSSD and Benson will be able to carry out the duties of the assistant director without having to juggle the responsibilities of being principal at WJB as well.

To replace Benson at WJB for the 2010-2011 school year, Roberts has named Becky Kegley as interim principal at WJB. Kegley presently serves as assistant principal at Coles Ferry Elementary School. Prior to joining the LSSD, Kegley was the high school principal at Friendship Christian School.

According to a news release from Roberts and the LSSD, they will re-examine the organization of the district office in the months to come.

“I may reorganize and not have the assistant director’s position, but if we do, Mr. Benson will definitely be reconsidered,” Roberts said when asked of the possible reorganization.

The new Winfree Bryant Middle School is anticipated to be completed in August 2011, at which point Benson will become the school’s principal. However, he will still be considered for the role of assistant director of the LSSD if that position remains intact.

“I feel really good about these two individuals and the job they’ve done for us this year,” Roberts said.“I am confident in their ability to provide the leadership and support needed to the students and families within the Lebanon Special School District,” she added.

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