Seasons greetings


“Merry Christmas” is what you hear anywhere you go this time of year. People are definitely friendlier now than at any other season. I love the excitement in the air in the wild-eyed look you get from children when you ask them what Santa is bringing them. I can remember when I looked with anticipation at the big present under the tree.

We always had our gift-giving at my grandmother’s house, and one year I remember having the biggest present wrapped beautifully waiting for me under her tree. I had seen it a week before and carefully inspected all the gifts to see what else I might have under the tree. I had a way of trying to figure out things by their size and how much they weighed, and what they felt like when I shook them, and I couldn’t figure this one out. My brother was the same way, and I had to put a Coca-Cola bottle and some gravel in a square box to keep him from figuring out he was going to get a basketball from me.

When the magic time arrived, I tore into the big box with great speed to the amusement of all my relatives only to find that it was full of feed corn. I had a pig that I was feeding at the time. Everyone got a big laugh at my disappointment which I never forgot.

Some 50 years later, the same uncle who gave me the joke present asked me to emcee his 50th wedding anniversary party which I was happy to do. The height of the ceremony was the wedding present I got for them, and you guessed it, it was the bag of corn wrapped in a box with gold paper. The only difference was that by the time I got him the corn prices had gone up so much that it was actually an expensive gift.

So, to all the Scrooges, naysayers, bah humbug types and general party poopers I say, come join in the fun and merriment for just a few days. Overall, no matter your situation, life is better than your worst nightmare. Let your guard down and dance to the music and have a big holiday.

Editor’s Note: Robertson is a physician with Family Medical Associates, PC, in Lebanon.