Secret Santas visit local Kmart

One ofthe anonymousSantas actually picked up theremaining tab on four layaways, while other individuals, all anonymous donors, paid off the layaway charges on a half-dozen or so of others.

Crowell said just a few days ago he and his assistant manager were looking over the layaways still remaining in the store and found one that was actually20 days past the due date for pick-up and payoff.

Hesaid when customers are this late it usually means they don't have thefunds to make the final payment and are willing to forfeit the goods that have been put back.

He said thisparticular casewas bothersome to him and his assistant manager becausethe layaway included toys and clothes for small children.

Crowell said when layaways are this late for pick-up the store usually puts the merchandise back out on the shelves, but in this instance he said he just couldn't it because he wanted to give this family every opportunity to have the Christmas they had planned.

He told his assistant that day thathe was hoping that the family would come in and take care of the layaway because he knew it was likelyall theChristmas their small children would get.

And almost like a miracle onthat very sameday, Crowell said an anonymousdonor, a secret Santa,came to aclerk at the front of the store and asked if there were any layaways that the store might have in need of the balance being paid.

The layaway about which Crowellhad been concerned was referred to thedonor and the balancewas paid in full.

Thanks to the financial gift of this anonymous Layaway Angela local family's Christmaswas saved and their children will still get the long anticipated visit tomorrow nightfrom Old Saint Nick.

Kmart Layaway Angels have been reported in a number of Middle Tennessee communities including Franklin, Hendersonville, Nashville, Gallatin and others, and the act of anonymous donors going into Kmarts to payoff layaways isbeing recorded all across the U.S.

Crowell saidThursday that there are still a handful or so of layaways that probably fall into the category of needing the balances paid before Christmas adding thatit's still not too late for anonymous donors to play the role of a secret Santa.

by Sam Hatcher

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