Smashed mailboxes common for summertime prank

“They just took mine,” he said. 

Complaints from residents along the roadway include mailboxes being knocked over, thrown in neighbors’ yards and mailboxes being smashed with baseball bats or iron pipes.

The crime – and it is a crime, a federal crime, to be more specific – occurs in cycles, Ashe said, but it often increases when school is out for the summer, leading authorities to believe that juveniles are responsible for the destruction.

“They’re out of school, unsupervised by parents,” he said.

Ashe noted that mailboxes are considered the property of the federal government, and it is a serious matter to damage or destroy them. In fact, the federal penalty for damaging or destroying a mailbox is a fine of $250,000 and a three-year prison term.

Ashe said people who are replacing their damaged mailboxes should do so in a manner that keeps letter carriers in mind and not to install them too high which might make it difficult to be reached.

He also added that if anyone has any information about who may be causing the damage and destruction of the mailboxes they should call the Sheriff’s Department at 444-1412 or Wilson County Crime Stoppers at 444-JAIL (444-5245). You can remain anonymous.