Snow days almost out

The county system reserved eight days for classes to be canceled during the school year and has used seven of the eight.

Dr. Sharon Roberts, director of the Lebanon Special School District, said the Lebanon district also has one snow day left. She explained that the Lebanon system has 13 days it can earn school cancellation and that the system builds in four days as stockpile or professional development days. There is another stockpile day on May 7, for teacher in-service that can be used to replace a school cancellation day.

If more days are required to make up cancellation days, she said the school board would participate in how it would be best to make-up the missed days.

Randall Hutto, assistant director of the Lebanon Special School District, said he made the decision Monday night to cancel school on Tuesday because of the forecast and the continuing threat of icy roads. Hutto said, if possible, he tries to make the announcement of school cancellation the night before so parents can best prepare. He said generally, if the county system is closed, the Lebanon system will also be closed.

“If we don’t work with the county system, there is just too much confusion,” Hutto said. The county school system was not scheduled to have classes on Tuesday due to a teacher training day.