Sports Council banquet is Tuesday

· G.L. Waynick and Lyndia Steger from Friendship Christian School;

· Jonathon Do and Kelly McCaskill from Lebanon High;

· Jonathon Roberts and Hannah Staggs from Mt. Juliet Christian Academy;

· Clark McAdoo and Jordan Nixon from Mt. Juliet High School;

· John Kneisel and Sarah Reeder from Watertown High School and

· Daniel Palmer and Paige Moorhead from Wilson Central High.

Matt Poe, owner and founder of Point Protocol, LLC will be the keynote speaker.

Point Protocol is a consulting business which offers solutions in the areas of performance development for athletes, corporate wellness and specific components of sports entertainment.

Approaching his 14th year as a practitioner, Poe is considered by his peers and his clients as one of the top sport performance specialists in the United States for professional and amateur athletes in all sports.

He has worked with over 70,000 athletes. He is credited in starting the business of sport specific speed development for athletes in Tennessee in the private sector.

Poe holds certifications from the International Sports Science Association in the areas of sport conditioning, sport performance nutrition, fitness therapy, and youth fitness. He is a certified track and field coach through USA Track and Field.

He is a University of Tennessee graduate, football letterman and a former All-Academic Southeastern Conference athlete.

Poe is in partnership with Lebanon’s University Medical Center, where he is sponsored by the hospital to present "Strength for the Game™, a program focusing on the ill effects of steroids and the safe alternatives.

He has been involved with the NFL on Tour, the Word Wrestling Federation/XFL Axcess Tour, and "Life and Sports" camp in Monterey, Mexico with his program "Speed for the Game™ which has been sponsored by Sports Illustrated and Spalding.

He is the inventor and designer of the "Speed Line™ and the "Poe Course Distance Formulas™.