Student unite to repair wall

“It is amazing to see something so disturbing turn into something so amazing the past two days,” Brown said in a statement.

He said several names are yet to be added because the loved ones of those veterans expressed their desire to repaint the names themselves. Brown said one mother was to bring her 4-year-old daughter to let her paint her father’s name back on the memorial.

“It has been amazing the people that have called or come through my office with a story about the wall and their loved ones. We had people that came in from as far away as Clarksville and Franklin to help paint the wall,” Brown said.

Stacy McKinley, a math teacher at Wilson Central, watched over the efforts to restore the wall and made sure everything was done that needed to be done. Brown said she made sure the wall was back the way it had been as quickly as possible.

The effort also brought many students from Mt. Juliet High School to restore the wall. Brown said there was a large turnout of students from MJHS and that they were there from the end of school until 8 when the work was done.

“I want to let everyone know how much we appreciate Mr. Brown and his students for their support at Mt. Juliet High School,” Brown said. “Thank you Mr. Brown and your students for caring so much.”

The wall was discovered Tuesday morning to have the phrase “’11 MJ Seniors” painted across the memorial in gold paint.

Mel Brown, principal at MJHS, said he and his administration as well as local law enforcement will work together to discover who is responsible for the vandalism.

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