Taxpayers message: Live within budget

To the Editor:

Commissioners, are you listening?

I read in last Friday's paper that the proponents of the proposed wheel tax increase felt that the taxpayers didn't understand the issue. Excuse me? I think the voters well understood the issue and sent a clear message.

Taxpayers sympathize with the students’ desire for better educational facilities. But, taxpayers live in reality. Families are expected to pay more in goods and services each month continually stretching the ever shrinking family budget. In these deeply troubling economic times, people are wondering if they will retain a job next month or wind up with their hours cut back. They see massive federal and state budgetary shortfalls coming at them...not to mention the federal government continuing to print worthless paper money thus increasing inflation. Senior citizens live on fixed incomes and can't keep stretching their already thin dollars.

Now is not the time to ask taxpayers to increase their taxes. If more voters had voted, rest assured the No vote would have been higher.

I hope the commissioners are listening to their voters. Make do with the budget you have just as families are expected to do likewise.

Upgrade and renovate the existing facility just like a family would do their own house in these troubling economic times.

Spending our way out of education problems doesn't work any better than spending our way out of debt as a nation. Sherrie OrangeWilson County Tea Party ChairmanLebanon

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