Thank You, Mean Girl

Mean girls make those around them better people.

Nothing hurts worse than being the little girl not invited to the party. Nothing teaches you to be a kind person more, than being the little girl not invited to the party.

As a child who moved around quite a bit and whose parents insisted on sending their poor kid to an all-girl private school mean girls abounded.

Thankfully, having a sense of humor and a few other friends on scholarship, got me through it almost unscathed.

And its the almost part of that sentence, to which I owe much gratitude.

Its the reason I try to remember to always say please and thank-you to everyone, regardless of who they are or who they think they are.

Its the reason I like to leave bigger tips for teen-age girls working their way through school.

Its the reason I always over invite people to our parties, concerned I might forget someone.

Its the reason I sit with the weird mom on the bus on field trips or maybe its the reason that other mom is sitting with me.

It really makes no difference to me anymore, because I thank my lucky stars for all the mean girls Ive encountered.

I know for a fact...

Mean girls prime is K-12, after that its pretty much down hill. In the real world, being mean gets you nowhere. Being kind opens every door. By the time mean girls figure this out, no amount of botox can restore their personalities.

In the case of kind girls nurture supersedes nature every time.

Kindness is easy to teach, by being the example of it.

For when its all said and done, little girls grow up, the mean ones as well as the kind ones, and without fail those who know how to be kind, receive kindness back ten fold later in life.

Those who dontwell, they usually end up blaming their mean Mamas for all their problems.

And for the most part, theyre right.