Thanksgiving, God bless America


This afternoon I sit down to write something I have not done in quite a while. Yes, I wrote one column during the Presidential race, but it was not published. It spoke to my political feeling, and the newspaper chose not to publish articles of this type. I am not speaking in anger, but what I am about to say I feel is something that is vital to our nation, state, county and to every individual who might read this.

A great Congressman once said, “All politics is local.”

Surely recent weeks have cause us all to stop and to listen and try to get a feel for where we are as a people. Our nation has not experienced anything of this nature since the Great Depression. I remember as a child the nature of the feelings of people. We have not reached that point today, and I pray we will never feel the wrath of that time. Our leaders have shown fear, and we the people see that our financial security is not always certain. Today we know that changes come are not always for our financial good. Certainly all the actions of government may not be correct, but we must believe that in the main they surely strive for good. Maybe this will aid us in striving to work together and all be “Americans first.”

We have seen almost eight years where we have had practically no effort to have cooperation between political parties. The current administration has sought to put the agenda of the far-right into its decisions. We saw war by unilateral action. We saw no effort to cure the medical cost problems. An unreal effort to put Social Security on sound footing failed. I could go on enumerating, but America needed action that did not occur. Lots of our problems today came from inaction in legislating and inaction in enforcing the laws in lending practices. This administration may have had some help I these things, but they also had the opportunity to correct any mistakes made before.

Today America has a new President-Elect. He ran a fabulous race, and it was obvious that he had an agile mind for his thought processes controlled the organization of his campaign. Though we as a state did not give him a majority, America and its young saw a voice and a direction they had not heard. Though I am 85 today, count me among the young!

As I sit and watch President-Elect Obama, I see a man diligently working to bring into his cabinet capable people. It seems Republican and Democrat, friend and foe, are on his list. He is seeking change by getting people with ability with whom to work. This indicates he has confidence where he sits and is willing to sit and with give-and-take discuss the directions our nation must go.

It appears to me that Sen. Hillary Clinton will become the new Secretary of State, pending confirmation by the U.S. Senate. She is a bright person and well known worldwide. President-Elect Obama feels they can work together or this would never have been considered. The Republicans under consideration have not always agreed with his positions. They do feel able to discuss and this has been almost totally lacking in recent years.

Michelle Obama is a lovely lady. She will grace the White House with great dignity. The Obama’s daughters are so fortunate to be so loved.

This brings me to think of the African Americans to whom I write. I am so happy for you. I can only imagine the pride you take and how will aid you in raising your children and steering them to higher achievement.

Oh yes, I know our President-Elect has both black and white blood running in his veins. I cannot see, nor will I try to see, the color of his thoughts. I suspect that they will run red, white and blue, and we of all colors will walk to the drum beat of our time.

I hope all of us will realize we did not get in our present mess in a year or two or three. We must give our new President and his Cabinet time to lead us all to higher ground.

Regardless of my time left to write, always remember I love this land and all its people!
Editor’s Note: W.H. Waters is a Lebanon resident and a contributor to The Wilson Post.