The audacity of being real

By BECKY ANDREWS, Wilson Living Magazine
Raise your hand if youre perfect. If youve never made a mistake, raised your voice at your children, husband, friend or parent, cursed at an idiot driver, cursed at an idiot driver in front of your children, lied about your age, weight (or in Angel Kanes case), your height, drank or ate too much. If you did raise your hand, pat yourself on the back.

Liar! Seriously, most of us have made one or more errors in judgment. That is life. And for someone to admit that they are not perfect, well this is the first step to being real. That takes a lot of audacity, being real.

I admit I, Becky Horan Andrews have made a fool of myself on more occasions than Id like to admit. And trust me if there were no witnesses to some of my little embarrassments, I would gladly lie and say, No, I would never drink a little too much red wine and call my best friend a Polly Pocket. OR In college we spent those years, reading the bible, praying and eating milk and cookies. But alas, Im a little too transparent. If there is something youre embarrassed about, trust me, Ive probably got a story that will make you feel better.

I foolishly thought that when I graduated from college, I also earned a degree in adulthood that somehow would guard me from making mistakes or making a fool of myself. Wouldnt that be nice?

Not long after my husband and I purchased our first home, I wanted to sell it. It was too far from everything, we didnt have neighbors AND we couldnt get cable! We were living like animals. But I had no one to blame but yours truly. My dear sweet husband reminded me of this one day after I demanded we sell our home even though wed only bought it 6 weeks prior. He was right. I remember calling him to tell him I found our first home. He loved the house and location but kept asking me, Are you sure, theres not much around? I thought Id made the biggest mistake of my life. But then we settled in, had two little boys, made a ton of memories and eventually got cable.

I quit my job in television news not long before I gave birth to my oldest child. I was living in a different state from my husband and really wanted to be home. I couldnt justify a 3 hour one way commute. When my arrival date approached, I knew my unborn child would have to weigh at least 10 pounds to explain the amount of weight Id gained. When he arrived, the first thing I thought was not, Oh he is so precious. I love him so much. Nope, instead I thought, Hes not 10 pounds. Oh God, that little twit of an obstetrician was right, potato chips should never be considered a vegetable! But it turns out my little boy was just the perfect size, even if his mother wasnt.

Its impossible to glide through life perfectly. Theres not much fun in that anyway. Whats the use of gaining life experience and not sharing it? Its tough when we mess up but, its a tragedy when were not honest about it. Being real is a beautiful thing Who knew!?