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The economy: It can be fixed

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In case anyone hasn’t noticed, our economic system is in a disastrous state and relief is no where in sight – retirement funds are gone, savings have been depleted, fortunes have been lost, and Walmart has been forced into advertising. This phenomenon did not just happen over the past eight years and, regardless of how eloquently President Obama can speak, it will not be fixed in the next four years. A solution cannot be found in campaign speeches – made before or after the election. The solution is not to keep pouring money into businesses that are no longer viable under their current structure. A permanent solution is unattainable unless we are willing to change our political system. And, we are doomed until the people of this country start living by the simple principles that are taught in the Holy Bible. 

Many businesses are losing unheard of amounts of money very simply because they (management and directors) have made extremely poor decisions. Management has not taken the steps to reduce costs, has not adjusted to changes in the marketplace and has employed very poor business practices. Persons sitting on the board of directors have, very simply, approved extraordinary compensation plans for mediocre performance. Another aspect with regard to our business problems to consider is that advancements in technology usually eliminates jobs. For example, four people develop a robot that will eliminate 20 people in a manufacturing process; consequently, the available jobs in the marketplace get reduced by 16 positions at each location utilizing this process. So, when technology eliminates more jobs than it creates while the population is growing and medical advancements are extending our lives, do we not have a much, much bigger problem to solve? 

Our political system is a joke. This was never more apparent than it was during the passage of the infamous “stimulus” package. The bill was passed without being read and the votes (with a few exceptions) were strictly along party lines. Regardless of one’s party affiliation, does anyone really believe that ALL Democrats think alike and that ALL Republicans think alike? Unless you have stumbled into a patch of loco weed, you cannot possibly believe this. But ALL politicians do think alike – what will this do for me in the next election. Under our current system, if a Democrat or Republican does not acquiesce to the people who control their party, they will not get the required party support to get re-elected. Unfortunately, the objective has become how to get re-elected; not how to do what is right for the country.

Our political system can be fixed with three changes: 1) Pass a constitutional amendment to place term limits on all members of Congress, 2) Enact real campaign finance reform – prohibit all campaign contributions and provide each candidate with an equal amount of federal funds, and 3) Enact legislation that clearly defines that federal funds can be used solely for things that are the responsibility of the Federal Government.

These three changes will: a) Remove the career politicians (20-30 years is too long), b) Reduce the politics in both houses of Congress, c) Eliminate the “he who raises and spends the most money wins” concept, and d) Permanently take bailouts and pork projects out of appropriation bills.

Now, with regard to the teachings that are so clearly laid out in the Holy Bible – All of the problems that we are experiencing today could be avoided/resolved if we would follow these teachings.

If we only applied the one teaching that tells us to “love our neighbor as we love our self,” our situation would improve almost instantly. We would not take advantage of others, we would not scam others and we would not cheat others. We would not be greedy, we would help others as much as possible, we would show compassion to those in trouble, we would not hoard money, we would not cheat our employer and we would not boast by overspending. If we were elected to public office we would not lie, we would not use the position for personal gain, we would not use the position to reward our friends and we would serve all of the people. Aside from the economy, we would not steal, rape, or murder.

Even you folks who claim not to believe in God, do not read the Bible, and will not accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior cannot argue with this concept.

Editor’s Note: Dale Eckler resides in Lebanon.

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