Update received from Texas: Dr. G. Frank Burn doing well

By JOHN B. BRYANThe Wilson Post

Dr. G. Frank Burns, long-time contributing writer for this newspaper and noted Wilson County historian, has spent the past several months in Glenbrook Retirement Center, an assisted living facility in Garland, Texas.          Dr. Burns, a former college professor at Cumberland University and Tennessee Tech, holds an undergraduate and a law degree from Cumberland.          His dear friend, George Harding, brought a letter by The Wilson Post’s office on Tuesday from the pastor of First United Methodist Church in Garland, Gene Wisdom.          The following is the letter submitted by Pastor Wisdom as an update on Dr. Burns.

Greetings all,

This note comes from Pastor Gene Wisdom who looks in on Frank several times a week to make sure he is behaving himself. I read to him the two Lebanon newspapers that come regularly, even though they are usually a week out of date, and any cards or letters that many of you send.

Frank was hospitalized a month or so ago for about two weeks. He had a bladder infection that complicated his medications. Most of the hospitalization was spent changing and balancing his meds. He has been back at his assisted living apartment for a month and is again doing fine. He eats anything they put in front of him and has gained back the 30 pounds he lost last year.       Frank can’t remember what he had for breakfast but he recalls all of you when your names are mentioned. He loves Lebanon and imagines being there most of the time. As I read him the paper he fills in the stories behind just about everyone who’s mentioned and gives more history of the community.          As you know he is a walking encyclopedia on just about any topic and I have a good bit of fun asking questions to see if I can stump him on some little known facts. He seldom has to admit any lack of knowledge and I’m learning a great deal of Tennessee history.          Frank’s cousin, Mills Barbee, was here this weekend and will likely return in a month. Frank is receiving excellent care from the assisted living folks and with the exception of when he first wakes from his nap is generally a kind and gentle soul.

Not much happens out of the ordinary so there is not a great deal of new “news”. I will send you a note from time to time just to keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I told Frank I would send you a letter and he said to be sure and give you all his love and best wishes.

Grace and Peace,Gene Wisdom, PastorFirst United Methodist Church, Garland, Texas

Editor’s note: Cards and letters may be sent to Dr. Burns at Glenbrook Assisted Living, 801 West Avenue, B, Garland, TX 75040