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More recently when my brother and his family left our house to head back to the west coast, Jacob was very sad. He enjoyed spending time with his cousins. As they pulled out of the driveway, Jacob ran into his room, lay on his bed and wouldnt talk. Very out of character for him. I began offering bribes to take his mind off of everyone leaving.

Would cookies or chocolate before supper make you feel better? How about a trip to Target? That always makes mommy feel better. Swimming? A sleepover?

Every question was answered with, The only thing that will make me feel better is if they come back here.

When Jacob said no to chocolate and a sleepover, Jackson felt like this was his queue to step in.

Hey Jacob, what about money? Would money make you feel better?

Jacob looked at his little brother in disbelief. Exasperated Jacob responded, NO, JACKSON! Money will NOT make me feel better! What is wrong with you?

Jackson looked defeated. I could see that he was getting upset because his brother was so sad. Maybe my brother and his family leaving had a profound effect on him too. Maybe he was going to be sensitive like his mom. As I was about to lean in and comfort my youngest child, he looked up at me and said, Um, Mom. Money will make me feel better. And just like that, my little Jackson was back.

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