Warmath notes talks regarding unified fire protection

The original proposal asks for the City of Lebanon to donate all fire safety related equipment to the county, all Lebanon Fire Department employees to be transferred to the county payroll and finally all citizens of Wilson County can expect to see a 41- to 49-cent tax increase to pay for the new expenses.

Under the plan, the City of Mt. Juliet would be expected to pay a nominal price of $3 million to Lebanon. The price, Warmath said, would not outweigh the amount of equipment that Lebanon must give up.  

"The devil is in the details," Warmath said. "I know unified anything sounds great but we must be prepared."

In other business, two major areas of concern of citizens’ and councilors’ minds were Cedar Grove Cemetery which is owned by the city and an empty lot located near the intersection of Watson Street and Orange Street that a local citizen told council was a "jungle" lot.

The site has been left untreated for several years, and now houses numerous animals ranging from snakes to rats. The animals pose a danger for the neighborhood and perhaps most importantly, the children who play nearby, the citizen said.

Ward 3 Councilor William Farmer mentioned the condition of the city cemetery. Farmer visited the cemetery recently only to discover headstones were almost impossible to find much less read. Baines noted that the Maintenance Department will pay better attention to the care of the cemetery.