WCSD busts two for pot

Jennifer Horton

Wilson County Sheriff Terry Ashe said a search warrant was executed on Monday in a reverse sting operation which also netted a Camaro, a rare Chevelle Supersport vehicle and a 1926 Roadster. 

Lt. John Edwards, head of the department’s Narcotics Division, said a search warrant was served Monday on Richard Swigert of 703 Northview Circle, Lebanon, and Terry W. Grissim of East Division Street, Lebanon.

"They’ve both been in business a long time in this area, and they like expensive toys," Edwards said.

The motor from the Chevelle was on a stand and ready to be installed, Edwards said, adding it was new. The car had some $30,000 in parts purchased for it, also.

Edwards said authorities reportedly found six marijuana plants in Grissim’s son’s playroom closet.

In addition to the vehicles and the Harley Davidson motorcycle, authorities also seized a van and a Jeep Cherokee.

Ashe said investigators have been working the case for about a month. He added that neither Swigert nor Grissim have been charged, but the case is expected to go before a grand jury. The suspects were named in the search warrant which is public record.