What if non-Christians want to take Bibles away from Christians?

To the Editor:

This letter is long overdue. It should have been written years ago when the first non-Christian came against God’s word. Have we forgotten from whence we came and from where we are to spend eternity? Society, as a rule, behaves as if we do not have to answer to our Supreme Being. Not only do we answer to Him, but we also answer to all the laws of the land. The law actually began as a teacher on how we are to behave. How far we must have strayed to be behaving as if we answer to no one. It is sad how we as Christians have set the example for those around us. Well, as much repenting as I do, I can never erase the damage that has been done to our society.

Perhaps I have preached long enough and need to get to the important business. Recently, the ACLU was allowed to stop the Gideons from distributing Bibles to area students. If we let non-Christians rule over us about our standards concerning Christian principles, then where will we be when they want to grab Bibles out of our own hands? We need to come together against these ideas in a loving yet firm way. If we don’t, the future generations will know nothing of our rights as Christians. Do any of us want to go down that path? I for one am very offended when the ACLU can reign over us instead of the heart of God. Please let us, as Christians, stand up for what we believe it now, instead of waiting until it is openly taken away from us. Remember, God gives us strength and wisdom to fight each battle here on earth.

Ada HawpeLebanon Letters policy

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