What would you save first?

Immediately the kids and I started pulling out unused bar stools, pool floats, missing flip flops, those curtains I never liked and Mothers day paintings from 2007, 2008 and 2009.

After the closet was cleansed, I instructed each of my kids to get a pillow, blanket, flashlight and one item they wanted to save.

Each returned with an electronic device. And

Whats under the blanket Neill?

He uncovered his little dog. And then demanded I make room in the closet for Frankie.

And you all know how I feel about Frankie.

For a split second, I thought this might just be my chance! But motherly instincts prevailed, I relented and let him bring his DS and the dog. (There were too many witnesses anyway.)

So as we hunkered down and continued to watch Lisa, my mind was racing.

What was that one item I would choose to save?

The next day Becky called. You were in a closet, werent you?

So what? I dont answer to you.

And I bet it wasnt family pictures you saved either.

You dont know me like you think you do.

What was it? Your new purse?

Awkward silence.

Ha! I knew it!

So what? I saved that little dog too. I should get bonus points for that!

Yeah right. You didnt tell your kids that if they got hungry while in the closet, Frankie was going to be dinner, did you?

(She does know me)

"I am not going to talk about that."

"It was something material wasnt it. Not pictures or videos."