Wife hires lawyer, no charges filed

The man, according to Ashe, was identified as Brown by officers on the scene.

"What we haven’t figured out yet, is how his body got two miles from his home at 1008 Big Springs Road," Ashe noted.

"We do know that there was a domestic [dispute] at about 2 a.m. just as a party at the home was breaking up," Ashe said. "There was alcohol involved and a neighbor heard a gun shot at about that time."

As of Tuesday, Ashe had confirmation that there was one shot fired at the residence, probably after most of the guests had left the area.

He said Darlene Brown apparently left the home about 2 a.m. with the couple’s three children in her car.

She went to the Carthage General Hospital for treatment of bruises, Ashe reported.

Later, according to Ashe, when police confiscated her Ford Excursion, they discovered, "some human remains and clothing debris on the bottom of the car."

The sheriff said that tests have confirmed the clothing and remains belonged to her husband, James Brown.

"But we still have some questions about exactly what happened and how he got two miles down the road," the sheriff added. "We’re working with accident reconstruction experts to try and find out, but we may never know exactly where he died or if he came the two miles on or under the car."

The investigation is continuing but as of Tuesday afternoon no charges had been filed.

"The case is still under investigation," said Brian Fuller from the District Attorney’s office. "It may be a while before a decision can be made."