Wilson County Schools get hacker scare

By BEN DUDLEYThe Wilson Post

Officials and employees of Wilson County Schools have been notified that someone attempted to break, or hack, into payroll information on workers sometime this past week.

Mike Davis, director of Wilson County Schools, said school system officials do not believe any information was accessed but have informed employees. Davis was notified of the unauthorized access to the schools’ bank information on Monday.

“We do not have any knowledge, nor do we believe any information was accessed,” Davis said. “We sent out an email to all our employees explaining what had happened and what they should do to protect themselves.”

Davis said he encourages all of the school system’s employees to look at their accounts and see if anything unusual has occurred.

Their bank notified school system officials Monday and told them that someone had attempted an unauthorized access into their payroll records. Davis said that it is because of things like this that they do not send payroll information to their bank over the Internet.

“We download the information onto a disc and hand-carry that disc to the bank,” Davis said. “That way we have done everything we can to protect our employees.”

Davis said in a letter sent to all employees that if any employee’s account had been accessed to call one of three credit reporting agencies to initiate a fraud alert process. The initially-alerted agency will notify the other two.

“Each will mail credit reports to you at no cost,” Davis said in his letter. “Once the credit reports are received, check them carefully for unusual activity.”

He said the school system has broad insurance to cover things of this nature.

“We have full confidence that employee information shared with Wilson County School System is secure,” Davis said.

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