Writer: Money reason for restaurant owners' concerns with guns

To the Editor:

Some people are perplexed by some Nashville restaurant owners who are in opposition to the recent gun law passed this legislative session. According to the law, restaurant owners can post a sign out front of their establishment which states: No guns.  That is all it takes. Now, with criminals, one must realize a sign will not stop them.

The problem with these restaurant owners is that the gun permit holders won’t be buying an alcoholic beverage. That cuts down on their biggest source of revenue. Don’t be fooled for a moment that they are concerned about you. It is all about the money.

The NRA would do all legal gun owners a huge favor if they would send us a list of those restaurants that don’t want us there. Legal gun owners can spend their money in a restaurant where they are welcomed. I know one thing, I will feel safer in that restaurant.

Anthony OrangeLebanon

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