Zookeeper goes from Avengers to Making Psycho

Dear Ken: What has happened to Ronnie Claire Edwards, who played Corabeth on The Waltons?

Edwards, 79, lives in Dallas, Texas, where several years ago she bought and redecorated the 1911 St. Josephs German Catholic Church and Academy into her home. The Oklahoma City native, whose last TV job was 12 Miles of Bad Road in 2007, told D magazine about her most famous role, Im recognized in hog barns and at state fairs around the country.The Waltonswas very well written for television. We had good scripts, and I had the best part. Earl Hamner, who created the series, fell in love with the character, so they just wrote and wrote and wrote for her. She was an automatic conflict. As a playwright, she has written Idols of the King, a salute to Elvis, and she is also designing one-of-a-kind coats under the Amorous Adventures label. They are made from very rare turn-of-the-century horse hair and wool carriage lap robes and vintage tapestries, she says.

Dear Ken: How tall is Ron Perlman who starred as Vincent in the late 1980s Beauty and the Beast TV series?

The 62-year-old New Yorker stands 6-feet-1. He made his acting debut in 1979 in the soap opera Ryans Hope. Among his movie credits are The Name of the Rose, Fluke, the Island of Dr. Moreau, Enemy at the Gates, Crime and Punishment, Blade II, Hellboy and Conan the Barbarian. Most recent he has starred as Clay Morrow on the TV series Sons of Anarchy. The married father of two children also does tons of voiceover work for animated shows and video games.

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