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The results of TNReady testing were released last week and both Wilson County Schools and Lebanon Special School District schools did well, according to both WCS spokesman Bart Barker and LSSD director Scott Benson.

TNReady assessment results indicate that students across the state are performing better in almost all math subjects. The TNReady scores also show that more than half the schools in Tennessee – 56 percent – improved their growth scores (Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System, or TVAAS, scores) from the previous year, with 41% of all schools earning a level ‘4’ or ‘5’ TVAAS rating which measures year-to-year growth.

WCS improved in English Language Arts (ELA), English l and English II for all students in grades 5-8, the state data reports

In the state’s report, Wilson County Schools was also recognized for areas in growth, academic achievement, major reductions in chronic absenteeism and graduation rate, according to Barker.

For students in grades 3-5, ELA remain steady 50.1% students scoring “On Track” or “Mastered” in TNReady Testing.

“Scoring in these levels means proficient students (in) grades, 6-8 ELA showed a 3.2% gain from (the) prior year,” Barker said. “Students in high School ELA showed the most significant gain with (a) 9.2% increase resulting in 48.8% students scoring (on the) ‘On Track,’ or ‘Mastered’ (levels). Scoring in those levels means proficient.”

Math in “all grade bands” showed gains in percentage “On Track,” or "Mastered,” Barker said, adding, “that means proficient students (in) grades 3-5 scoring 61.1% ‘On Track’ or ‘Mastered.’ Middle school students scored 52.9% and high school math scored 36.2%. (That is an) increase of 6.5%. Algebra 1 students showed the most significant gain across the district with 20.8% increase prior year.”

Students testing in middle school Social Studies increased 5% resulting in a proficiency rate of 50.1%. “On Track” and “Mastered.” High school students talking U.S. History remained steady at (a) 35.9% proficiency rate.

“It's important to also look at growth, which indicates progress (that) students are making year-to-year,” Barker said. “Wilson County numeracy, literacy, social studies earned Level 5 status across the board. It's also important to note that all students will not be proficient in TN Ready, but that all students are expected grow from year-to-year”

Barker said that WCS’ numbers “are a direct reflection of very positive growth.”

LSSD schools Coles Ferry Elementary and Walter J. Baird both earned an overall TVAAS composite level of ‘5.’ That is the highest score a school can receive in measuring student growth, Benson said.

“This accelerated academic growth has resulted in the system achieving a higher percentage of students scoring ‘On Track’ or ‘Mastered’ during the past two school years resulting in LSSD earning high achievement scores compared to others in the state,” Benson said. “These high achievement scores rank in the top of the state’s five achievement categories for 2019. Score categories range from 0-4. (LSSD) received a score of 4 in the ‘Grades 3-5 Success Rate’ and a score of ‘3’ in the ‘Grades 6-8 Success Rate.’

The 2019 Success Rate was derived from the average number of students proving “On Track” or “Mastered” in ELA and in Math, Benson said, adding that LSSD received a ‘4’ in both the English Language Proficiency Assessment and Chronic Absenteeism.

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