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Joey Shulam and Emily Richerson star in ‘Check, Please’ at Friendship Christian School.

Friendship Christian School’s theatre department presents the short comedy, “Check, Please,” by Jonathan Rand, on Nov. 2 and 3 at the school’s auditorium.

Play director and theatre teacher Key McKinney said, the premise of the play “is suffering through multiple blind dates in the hopes of finding a soulmate. This play was chosen as an opportunity to cast several students in a lighthearted, entertaining comedy. Audiences love to laugh.”

The show features Joey Shulam and Emily Richerson, who play the leads, “Guy” and “Girl.”

“The play may be short, but once it gets going, it never stops,” Shulam said. “There are so many different character styles and types that it’s almost impossible not to feel the emotion that’s being portrayed on the stage. Personally, I use my time on the stage with facial expressions and body movements. They can speak louder than words.”

Richerson said she is bringing all of herself to the role. 

“If you ask any one of my friends, they could tell you I’m very emotional,” she said. “So, I can act the way I do in person, but to a greater extent. Each character that ‘Girl’ goes on a date with has extremely different personalities which makes it easier for me to play the different emotions. 

“Our cast does an amazing job at playing each character and making the audience and I feel everywhere from annoyed, uncomfortable, concerned, affection, joy, but overall, they will have you laughing.”

Shulam credits McKinney for “(letting) me be myself and I’ve modified it in ways that help me.”

Richerson agrees, stating that at FCS, “they have a real appreciation for the arts and begin teaching us in early elementary. I developed a real passion for the theatre from my earliest memories in doing class plays. It was there that I realized how much I enjoy performing. With the great director that we have, I feel that I could play any role I’m cast.”

Shulam has been involved in theatre for five years. He’s been in “The Music Man,” “Elf the Musical,” “My Shift My Show,” “Scheme of the Driftless Shifter” and “Oklahoma.”

Richerson said she hopes the audience “grasps the true story of the production and all the humor that goes along with it. It’s a very funny show and it could have anyone leaving with a sore stomach.”



Where: Friendship Christian School, 5400 Coles Ferry Pike, Lebanon

When: Nov. 2-3 (7 p.m.) and Nov. 3 (3 p.m.)

Tickets: $5, sold at the door

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