FCS weather lab

WSMV Channel 4 meteorologist Laura Bannon reacts to evidence indicating she is the ‘cupcake thief’ at Friendship Christian School’s annual CSI Lab Day. Bannon also discussed her role as a meteorologist as the school unveiled its WeatherBug weather station, which WSMV will utilize.

Friendship Christian School students’ investigation of missing cupcakes led them to point their fingers at a “guilty” television personality last week at a school event.

WSMV Channel 4 meteorologist Laura Bannon served as the “surprise thief” for the school’s annual CSI Lab, which allows middle school students to use forensic evidence and interrogation skills to identity the cupcake thief based on facts associated with a handful of suspects.

Lebanon Police Sgt. PJ Hardy has missed only one year of participating in the program.

“I think it’s absolutely a wonderful program. I think that the kids really have shown much improvement in how they look at things,” Hardy said. “It’s really a great science.”

Hardy discussed the department’s own forensic science unit.

“We have a science-based process and it’s a great career. More and more larger departments are utilizing what’s called civilian CSI members,” Hardy said.

Bannon also helped to introduce the school’s new WeatherBug weather station.

The weather station, positioned on top of the school’s performing arts center, will allow WSMV to collect data about the area’s weather, as well as show live footage from the school.

“So, when you watch Channel 4 news now, you may sometimes see pictures of our campus, and they will say what the weather conditions are in Lebanon, Tennessee, at Friendship Christian School,” Friendship Academic Dean Jason Miller said.

“That data with the system you have now will give us really helpful information, and when there’s inclement weather, that’s going to be an incredible tool that we’ll be able to use to help give better information to keep you guys safe,” Bannon said.

A news release from the school also said officials can now make real-time weather-related decisions affecting both the school day and the outdoor athletic programs.

Funds for the weather station came from the Swaney family and Roger and Patty Ramsey.

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