Gibbs Pharmacy

Jasmin Valentin joined Gibbs Pharmacy this summer for a one-year residency. Gibbs is one of four pharmacies in the state to be involved in the independent community pharmacy residency program.

Gibbs Pharmacy recently became the first and only pharmacy in Wilson County to have a resident pharmacist with the hopes of assisting the business raise health awareness in the county. 

Jasmin Valentin joined the pharmacy this summer for a one-year residency through the Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy Residency Program. Gibbs is one of four pharmacies in the state to be involved in the independent community pharmacy residency program. 

Valentin, a Puerto Rico native, received her bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences from the University of Puerto Rico - Aguadilla before graduating the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy. She said she fell in love with the Gibbs environment during the interview process. 

“I really enjoyed Gibbs Pharmacy, and the challenge of being the first resident and not having something set up and in place,” Valentin said. “It just gives you a lot of opportunities to do a lot of things. Just to help establish this residency program, I am very fortunate to be a part of that.”

Valentin will focus on a diabetic prevention program for the next year in hopes of making the program an integral part of Gibbs’ impact in the community. 

“We’re just trying to target the root of the problem and catch people ahead of time and try to work with them through lifestyle coaching and education and implement lifestyle changes,” she said. 

The program will feature individualized plans for residents. 

“I’m really excited about the diabetes program,” said Sara Perry with Gibbs Pharmacy. “I think she’s going to make an impact on our target group and reach them to make an impact that we would like to see for their health.”

Perry said the pharmacy is also a preceptor for the University of Tennessee and Lipscomb University pharmacy schools. 

“So, during a student’s time in pharmacy school, they spend a month rotation at our pharmacy to get experience in the community pharmacy field,” Perry said.

She said students learn about two forms of medication packaging and gain exposure to medication therapy management. 

“It trains them to review patient’s medication profile and optimize their wellness by evaluating specific drugs that are treating their unique disease states and reduce side effects. This is a thorough review of their medication to improve their overall health,” she said. 

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