Ann Fife works at Rocker Beater Loom at the Granville Pioneer Village Craftsmen Building.

Historic Granville will dedicate its Arts & Craftsmen Trail on Oct. 5 part of the Granville Fall Celebration.  

The entire month of October will feature Arts & Craftsmen on the Trail on Wednesday thru Saturday of each week.

The Arts & Craftsmen Trail will feature permanent locations of Cherry Street Ceramics, Three River Outfitters, Granville Arts & Cultural Center and Sutton Store Quilters Attic. Arts and crafts will also be sold at Southern Shops of Granville and Granville Gift Shop of local artisans. 

During Oct. the following will be demonstrating and selling their work: Oct. 2- Woodworking & Chair Bottoming; Oct. 3 - Basket Making & Art; Oct. 4 - Broom Making & Sock Making; Oct. 9 - Woodworking & Basket Making; Oct. 10 - Spinning Wheel Demonstrations & Primitive Cooking; Oct. 11- School Day all Arts & Craftsmen featured; Oct. 16 - Primitive Cooking, Spinning Demonstrations; Oct. 17- Woodworking & Art Demonstrations; Oct. 18 - Inkle Looms, Native American Indian Crafts; Oct. 19 - Blacksmith, Woodworking; Oct. 23 - Broom Making & Sock Making; Oct. 24 - Broom Making & Sock Making; Oct. 25 - Basket Making & Woodworking; Oct. 26 - Woodworking & Chair Bottoming; Oct. 30 - Basket Making Chair Bottoming; Oct. 31 - Woodworking, Inkle Looms, Native American Crafts.  

Wednesday thru Friday the hours will be noon to 3 p.m. and Saturday noon to 5 p.m. For information go to or call (931) 653-4151.

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