Kane Trial


Wilson County Criminal Court Judge Brody Kane is set to preside over a lawsuit in Rutherford County involving homeowners insurance fraud and a Rutherford County politician.

The $500,000 lawsuit is against Universal International Insurance Agency Inc., which is owned by Rutherford County Mayor Bill Ketron. His daughter, Kelsey Ketron, faces criminal charges and a state penalty.

All Rutherford County judges recused themselves from hearing the lawsuit, which led to Kane presiding over the case.

A civil case is pending in Rutherford County Circuit Court against Universal International Insurance Agency Inc. by Bedford County residents Susan and Charles Daniel Calvin, court records show. The couple claims in the lawsuit that they hired the insurance agency to obtain homeowners insurance and that they paid the agency but they were not covered when their house was damaged.

Heather Parker, the plaintiffs’ lawyer, said no trial date has been set. She said she is trying to subpoena records.

Kelsey Ketron received a cease and desist order by the Tennessee Insurance Division on May 29, according to the division’s official order. She was a licensee from Feb. 16, 2012 through Aug. 31, 2016. Kelsey Ketron also was elected last year as a member of the Tennessee Republican Party State Executive Committee.

Murfreesboro Post reporter Jason M. Reynolds contributed to this report.

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