Carver intersection

A vehicle on Carver Lane waits to turn onto West Main Street. The Lebanon City Council will discuss traffic improvements at the intersection.

The Lebanon City Council will discuss the future of the intersection of Carver Lane and Main Street, which some have called a dangerous intersection.

“That’s become a very dangerous intersection in town, especially since we’ve added Dairy Queen over there. We have people coming from three different directions — four when they try to come from Carver Lane,” Lebanon Mayor Bernie Ash said.

The council will discuss a proposal from The Corradino Group for engineering design services, with an estimated cost of $177,145.

The council created the Carver Lane Improvement Plan a couple of years ago, according to Ash. The fund has generated about $155,000 since its implementation. It adds a fee to all development along Carver Lane for improvement projects.

The intersection has been a cause of concern for several residents that live on or near Carver Lane, primarily because the intersection does not include a streetlight.

Residents have often voiced their concerns about the intersection during Lebanon Planning Commission and Lebanon City Council meetings regarding property rezoning and project planning.

“I think a traffic light at that intersection will do more than anything, but the turning lanes will help to get people in and out quicker and safer,” Ash said. 

Corradino Group estimated up to five parcels of land may be affected along Carver Lane between West Main Street and the railroad.

The council recently approved the project bid for improvements at the intersection of Leeville Pike and Crowell Lane, considered another dangerous intersection of the city.

The council allocated about $1.6 million for the project, and the bid, along with the cost of the construction consultant and $100,000 contingency, came in under budget, according to Councilor Chris Crowell.

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